[Python-Dev] Backported faster RLock to Python 2.6.

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 21:48:05 CET 2010

Johan Gill wrote:
> Yes, it is the new RLock implementation.
> If I understood this correctly, we should make a patch against trunk if
> anything should be contributed.


> Do you mean that we wouldn't need the paperwork for backporting the
> original patch committed to py3k?

Whether or not a contributor agreement was essential for this particular
contribution would depend on how much new code was needed for the
backport, but the bulk of the copyright on the C RLock code would remain
with Antoine regardless.

However, sorting through the legalities of the contributor agreement
really is the best way to make sure every is squared away nice and
neatly from a legal point of view.

After all, even if I was a lawyer (which I'm not, I'm just a developer
with an interest in licensing issues), I still wouldn't be *your* lawyer :)


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