[Python-Dev] [RELEASED] Python 2.7 alpha 2

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Jan 11 09:18:30 CET 2010

> I guess I have more confidence in Python 3 than you do. I don't see
> why Python 2.x needs to be artificially limited so that Python 3 can
> benefit.

Because it takes too much time. Too much of my time, but apparently
also too much of other people's time.

Of course, the less active fraction of Python contributors may not
notice, since they just chose to not contribute (which, of course,
is fine). However, asking me to work twice as much as I want to
on the project to keep two branches alive is just unfair.

This has nothing to do with pushing 3.x, but all with managing
available manpower and still providing quality software.


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