[Python-Dev] PYTHON3PATH

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Wed Jan 13 23:24:13 CET 2010

    Lennart> What do you need to do in the PYTHONSTARTUP file?

Just reading off stuff from my own personal startup file...  I use it for
stuff I want available during interactive sessions:

    1. Enable true division.

    2. Conditionally define "help" from back in the days when there was no
       help builtin function.

    3. Auto-save session (readline) history so I can easily recall commands
       across sessions.

    4. Add other fake builtins ("like") or override behavior of some (like
       "dir") making them handier for interactive use.

    5. autoload modules/symbols (pokes around in common modules from
       sys.excepthook function).

Oh, and I've had no particular trouble keeping it working in Python 1, 2 or


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