[Python-Dev] Bazaar branches available (again) on Launchpad

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Jan 19 14:16:39 CET 2010

I've just updated the Launchpad mirrors for the 4 active Python branches,
trunk, py3k, 2.6, and 3.1.  These used to mirror the defunct Bazaar branches
on code.python.org but it's probably been 7 months or so since those were
regularly updated.  Now the Launchpad branches sync against the read-only
Subversion branches at http://svn.python.org, so they should remain up-to-date
(within the re-sync timeframe of about 4 hours).

This means you can once again use Bazaar to get local branches of Python, and
you can of course push your own branches to Launchpad.  I believe you can even
use the bzr-svn plugin to commit changes back to the Subversion master, though
I have not yet tried this.

To get a local branch, just do any of the following:

    % bzr branch lp:python (for trunk)
    % bzr branch lp:python/2.6
    % bzr branch lp:python/py3k
    % bzr branch lp:python/3.1

(It's fairly easy to create new mirrors for other Subversion branches,
e.g. Python 2.5; just drop me an email if you want them.)

If you're going to create a lot of branches you probably want to put them in a
shared repository.  E.g.

    % bzr init-repo pythonbzr
    % cd pythonbzr
    % bzr branch lp:python/py3k

Bazaar 2.0 or better is recommended.  For me, it took about 5m to check the
first branch out from Launchpad, and then about 30s or so for each subsequent

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