[Python-Dev] Bazaar branches available (again) on Launchpad

Jesse Noller jnoller at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 02:09:15 CET 2010

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 7:51 PM, David Lyon <david.lyon at pythontest.org> wrote:
>> On Jan 20, 2010, at 10:16 AM, Barry wrote:
>>> So does that mean we could update the stdlib for a given
>>> python version using this ?
>> In a sense, yes (if I understand your question correctly).
> Yeah, it just needs an implementation.
>> The one thing I am unsure about, mostly because I have not tried it, is
>> whether your Bazaar branch can be used to commit directly back to the
>> Python Subversion master branches.  I /think/ the answer is yes,
>> assuming of course that you have permission to do so...
> Well I'm too Senior and my stuff is too forward looking to qualify
> for that just yet.
> I'd be happy to see bzr and mercurial and git all made it together
> into the stdlib for python 3. That would give a superb updating
> mechanism for python that would propel python well beyond
> the dinosaur badlands of CPAN and other languages.

i sincerely doubt that a source control system will be included in the
standard library in the future. Especially 3. A SCM is not a "package
management system".

Barry was talking about mirrors of the python code. It is true a
"package manager" could be developed based on a SCM, however you need
to implement this far away from the stdlib and get traction with it
within the community long before inclusion would be considered.

The decision to move python's source control from SVN to mercurial was
controversial enough; including 3 or more scm libraries into core
would be an intractable uphill mountain of bike sheds.

> So with just a tiny amount of work, imho we could pull
> it all together to bring python 3 *back* to being that
> cool tool that it once was (not saying it isn't now).

Python 3 is still modularized, still has a standard library, etc. If
you're really interested in helping with the standard library, get on
stdlib-sig, and get ready to write code and PEPs.

> Were you offering me an experimental branch somewhere
> for python 3 SCM integration ?

Barry made bzr mirrors of the python svn tree. Not a python with bzr included.


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