[Python-Dev] Bazaar branches available (again) on Launchpad

David Lyon david.lyon at pythontest.org
Wed Jan 20 04:43:12 CET 2010

> On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 7:51 PM, Jesse Noller wrote:

> Python 3 is still modularized, still has a standard library, etc. If
> you're really interested in helping with the standard library, get on
> stdlib-sig, and get ready to write code and PEPs.

Thank you for your direction to move these items forward to PEPs
and Code.

> i sincerely doubt that a source control system will be included in the
> standard library in the future. Especially 3.

Yeah and who twenty years ago thought you would get a 1GB memory
card for $3 when all we had was 10Meg hard disks and they were
the full 8" platter.

> A SCM is not a "package management system".

Exactly. It almost makes the need for a "package management system"
pretty much obsolete if you can update your code directly from
the developers sources.

That's what all these SCMs provide. Plus it's addictive. It's
hard to go back to 'package' style technology once you have
all your code on an SCM based feed.

> Barry was talking about mirrors of the python code. It is true a
> "package manager" could be developed based on a SCM, however you need
> to implement this far away from the stdlib and get traction with it
> within the community long before inclusion would be considered.

I think I'll have better chances with PEPs.

Being honest, if wonderful libraries like Sphinx and Mercurial
and Git and BZR can't make it into the stdlib, then there is
no hope for even newer code to get in there.

Plus, promoting all sorts of new and fangled tools however
good they may or may not be just confuses users and ends
up being a waste of time imho. It isn't good management
of volounteers time and effort.

If you could imagine disaster relief coordinated this
way, it would just be a disaster in itself.

That's why it has taken some 5 years to get PEP-345 done.

> The decision to move python's source control from SVN to mercurial was
> controversial enough; including 3 or more scm libraries into core
> would be an intractable uphill mountain of bike sheds.

Not at all.

It would be a very fair thing to do. Not to mention being
great for users.

> Barry made bzr mirrors of the python svn tree. Not a python with bzr
> included.

I can't resist asking for that again.. I heard it only in Monty
speek. Did you just say ?:

 "Barry made a bizarre mirror of the python suvern tree. Not a
  python with a buzzer included."

Anyway.. Maybe I do get what your talking about. Even if you do
talk with a strange accent. :-)


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