[Python-Dev] Bazaar branches available (again) on Launchpad

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Jan 20 05:50:36 CET 2010

Okay, last follow up on this and then I'm going to bed. :)

On Jan 20, 2010, at 03:29 PM, David Lyon wrote:

>> On Jan 19, 2010, at 08:09 PM, Barry Warsaw wrote:
>> I'd be surprised if any of the big 3 DVCS developers would actually /want/
>> their stuff in the stdlib.
>If they ask, they'll get told they're motorbike-shedding. "It's better
>if their users ask". So here I am as a user doing things the 'right'

Actually, you're not.  It's not up to the Python community to initiate this.
If you really want this, you should engage with the relevant DVCS communities
and push them to request it.

>Side benefits are that it can update everything else along
>with it at the same time. User Apps, Packages, whatever.

I get that.  Heck, I still run one Gentoo server which I think is as close to
the edge you're describing as I'm comfortable with.  It's all great until the
wheels come off and then it can take *days* to get a functioning system

The big difference is that I rely on my DVCS to keep one small thing, or a few
variants of the same thing, all sane.  But I rely on my distribution vendor to
keep a thousand complex, interdependent, interacting, sometimes conflicting
things sane and working.

>Point : The fact that SCMs are two way is great in
>        a production environment. No packaging solution
>        can come close.

Try talking with some hard-core operations guys, the folks with the keys to
the data centers, who work tireless, insanely hours keeping incredibly complex
systems running with very little downtime.  I think you'd get a different
perspective to put it mildly. :)

to-sleep-perchance-to-dream-ly y'rs,
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