[Python-Dev] Bazaar branches available (again) on Launchpad

David Lyon david.lyon at pythontest.org
Wed Jan 20 06:10:15 CET 2010

> "David Lyon" <david.lyon at pythontest.org> writes:
>> Being honest, if wonderful libraries like Sphinx and Mercurial and Git
>> and BZR can't make it into the stdlib, then there is no hope for even
>> newer code to get in there.
> Those are applications, not libraries. Applications don't belong in the
> standard library.

Haha funny..

Well using that logic, distutils is an application..

Are you saying that distutils should be removed? That
is most certainly an application.

Lets not get too pedantic here. Mercurial and bzr have a built
in API that can be called in a library like way. It's true they
also have a command line interface in the same way that distutils

I'm not saying anything negative about distutils. Given that
Tarek has an upcoming Pycon presentation where the program
talks about a distutils revamp.

I'm hoping that he can find some young 20 yr olds and
put a cool web interface on that thing. Given that there
are empty sprints at pycon. It couldn't hurt to throw
that challenge out. Anyway, we'll see..


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