[Python-Dev] Bazaar branches available (again) on Launchpad

David Lyon david.lyon at pythontest.org
Wed Jan 20 08:20:02 CET 2010


>> I'd be happy to see bzr and mercurial and git all made it together
>> into the stdlib for python 3. That would give a superb updating
>> mechanism for python that would propel python well beyond
>> the dinosaur badlands of CPAN and other languages.
> I think there are several points that make them not includable in Python:
> - git is not written in Python
> - bzr and mercurial have a life cycle much shorter than Python's, it's
> the same issue than with other libraries where another community
> develops them.

That's only two points. :-)

On 1; If that's true, I won't mention git again.

On 2; Who knows what their life cycle is. CVS is pretty much
      dead, and svn looks like it is on the way out.
      I can't think of how anything could be better than
      mercurial or bzr but I know I will be proved wrong.

At the end of the day, we are making a decision about whether
the language is 'set-in-stone' or whether it is still

To me, Python 1.x had it's own distinct "era", as has
Python 2.x

Hoping that the Python 3 era can be a little more flexible
and perphaps "cleaner" than the 2.x era is all that I am
thinking here.

Have a nice day


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