[Python-Dev] __file__

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Mon Mar 1 15:21:21 CET 2010

Le Mon, 01 Mar 2010 09:09:09 +0100,
Baptiste Carvello <baptiste13z at free.fr> a écrit :
> I did a quick check on the stdlib: a zip with .py and .pyc is about
> 80% bigger than one with .pyc only. If you use only the bytecode,
> this can be seen as waisted space. On the other hand, if you ever
> need to debug the application, source is very handy...

My point is that the wasted size compared to the total bundle size
(with interpreter and 3rd party C libs) would probably be small.

> Anyway, I'm a bit worried if bytecode-only is disabled from zipimport
> without some input from the developpers of py2exe/cx_freeze/etc, as
> they are big users of it.




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