[Python-Dev] Desired changes to Hg emails to python-checkins

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Fri Mar 5 23:06:33 CET 2010

Am 04.03.2010 21:20, schrieb Brett Cannon:
> 1) I miss not having the affected files listed in the subject line.

I actually like the (first line of the) commit message better.  It
communicates much better what the change is about (and for me, if I
want to look at/review it).

However, what I miss is the summary of affected files at the top of
the message.  Having to scroll down all of the diffs to find out if e.g.
a change to a documentation file is included is tedious, even if the
diffs are colored like they are for me.

> 2) The To field is set to hg at python.org <mailto:hg at python.org> which
> gets rejected as an invalid email address if you reply. Would be better
> to set it to python-checkins so that the habitual reply to a checkin
> won't get rejected.



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