[Python-Dev] [PEP 3148] futures - execute computations asynchronously

Brian Quinlan brian at sweetapp.com
Tue Mar 16 21:52:22 CET 2010

Nick Coghlan wrote:
 > You may want to consider providing global thread and process  
 > in the futures module itself. Code which just wants to say "do this  
 > the background" without having to manage the lifecycle of its own
 > executor instance is then free to do so. I've had a lot of experience
 > with a framework that provides this and it is *very* convenient (it's
 > also a good way to avoid deadlocks due to synchronous notification  

This seems like a reasonable idea to me.

I take it that the thread/process pool should be unlimited in size.  
Should every thread/process exit when it finishes its job or should  
there be a smarter collection strategy?


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