[Python-Dev] __pycache__ creation

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Mon Mar 22 22:57:03 CET 2010

Martin v. Löwis <martin <at> v.loewis.de> writes:
> Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> > Martin v. Löwis <martin <at> v.loewis.de> writes:
> >> If certain use cases
> >> make it problematic (e.g. Apache creating directories which you then
> >> cannot delete), there should be a way to turn it *off*. Perhaps the
> >> existing machinery to turn of byte code generation at all might be
> >> sufficient.
> > 
> > Except that you notice the problem when it happens, so turning it off is
> > too late.
> Why is it too late? Fix it, and get on.

Sure, but it is annoying, and since it's the kind of things that noone
(including sysadmins) ever thinks about in advance, it's bound to repeat itself
quite often.

It's especially annoying, of course, if you have to ask someone else to remove
the directories for you (or if you have to write custom code and get it executed
by the Apache or WSGI handler...).

Really, it's unfriendly to users and it's certainly not outweighed by the
"benefit" of having "cleaner" source directories.

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