[Python-Dev] SSH access against buildbot boxes

Giampaolo Rodolà g.rodola at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 18:53:30 CET 2010

sorry in advance if this sounds a little indiscreet, but I think it
would be great if we'd have SSH access against some of the computers
used to host buildbots.
Personally, I would find this particularly useful for OSX since it's
one of the few OSes I can't manage to virtualize and which often
causes me problems.
Some examples:
http://bugs.python.org/issue8490 (this one also involves Solaris)

In such cases I would find more easy to be able to connect to the
machine and test myself rather than create a separate branch, commit,
schedule a buildbot run, wait for it to complete and see whether
everything is "green".

On the other side I perfectly understand how opening up blanket ssh
access is not something everyone is comfortable with doing.
AFAICR there was someone who was setting up an evironment to solve
exactly this problem but I'm not sure whether this is already usable.

Best regards,

--- Giampaolo

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