[Python-Dev] Breaking undocumented API

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Mon Nov 8 18:35:56 CET 2010

> Was: [issue2001] Pydoc interactive browsing enhancement
> [snip...]
> This suggests that trace.find_strings() should probably be preserved
> or properly deprecated.  If this is the case, should we fix bugs in
> it?  Note that it currently has a bug because it ignores the coding
> cookie when opening python source file.  Should this be fixed?
> I freely admit that I have more questions than answers, so I would
> like to hear from a wider audience.

If you deprecate it then you don't *have* to fix bugs in it. If we know 
it is used then we can't remove it without deprecation.

If the function is no longer needed but we want to exclude it from the 
public API, you could create a new function in the module, with a 
leading underscore name, fix the bugs in that and deprecate the old name.

Alternatively you could make the old name an alias for the new one with 
a deprecation warning applied. That way the old name does get the 
bugfixes but is still deprecated.


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