[Python-Dev] Inconsistencies if locale and filesystem encodings are different

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Thu Oct 7 18:35:09 CEST 2010

Victor Stinner wrote:
> Hi,
> A PYTHONFSENCODING environment variable was added to Python 3.2: issue #8622. 
> This variable introduces an inconstency because the filesystem and the locale 
> encodings can now be different.
> There are (at least) four issues related to this problem. We have 2 choices to 
> fix these issues:
>  (a) use the same encoding to encode and decode values (it can be different 
> for each issue)
>  (b) remove PYTHONFSENCODING variable and raise an error if locale and 
> filesystem encodings are different (ensure that both encodings are the same)
> Even if choice (a) is not easy to implement, it is feasible and I already 
> wrote some patches.
> I don't understand how Python interact with other programs who ignore the 
> PYTHONFSENCODING environment variable. It's like Python uses its own "locale".
> Choice (b) looks easy to implement, but... there is the problem of Mac OS X. 
> Mac OS X uses utf-8 encoding for the filesystem (and not the locale encoding), 
> whereas it looks like the locale encoding is used for the command line 
> arguments. See issue #4388 for more information.
> There is also maybe an useful usecase of the PYTHONFSENCODING, but I don't 
> remember which one :-)

You have to differentiate between the meaning of a file system
encoding and the locale:

A file system encoding defines how the applications interact
with the file system.

A locale defines how the user expects to interact with the

It is well possible that the two are different. Mac OS X is
just one example. Another common example is having a Unix
account using the C locale (=ASCII) while working on a UTF-8
file system.

BTW: We added that because just like I/O encoding, you need to be
able to override the setting determined by Python via locale
introspection, which may be wrong. The env var is only meant
as a way to solve encoding problems in special situations where
the local cannot be used to determine the file system or
input/output encoding.

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