[Python-Dev] Cheeseshop (was Re: Distutils2 scripts)

Frank Lomax lomax at pumpichank.com
Mon Oct 11 16:52:35 CEST 2010

On Oct 08, 2010, at 03:40 PM, Brett Cannon wrote:

>Richard Jones is the authority on the story, but from what I can
>remember from the discussion it was decided that managers would have
>had issues with using a service called the Cheeseshop. So basically
>the idea of professional-sounding name won out. I still use
>cheeseshop.python.org to access the package index.

IOW, the Anti-Humor Subcommittee of the PSU (which emphatically does not
exist), a rough outfit which works to promote snakes over British comedy,
quashed the Happy Laughing Working Group and actively (even though they do not
exist) promotes the boring PHB name in all its propaganda.  The HLWG, having
been defunded and thrown out of office (if there was an office, which there
isn't), toils in exile and hopes to one day reclaim the right and one true

Join the revolt to take back Pythonland!  May the Pythonistas defeat the
Pythoneers!  May the Pythoneers vanquish the Pythonistas!

Long live the Cheeseshop!

it's-very-runny-actual-ly y'rs,

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