[Python-Dev] Buildbot for AIX

Sébastien Sablé sable at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Oct 15 17:38:47 CEST 2010

Hi Martin,

I finally got the authorization to run some buildbot slaves on our AIX 

I made some tests with a buildbot script as close as possible to what 
you already use. Here is a patch that show the kind of modifications I 
had to do in order to get the buildbot slave to correctly run on AIX.

It is also necessary to apply the patch provided in issue 9862 so that 
the tests won't hang forever.

It also would help if the corrections provided in the following issues 
could be commited: 4499, 678250, 730467.

Could you please take a look at those modifications in master.cfg, 
provide me some password for the bot slaves and apply the corrections in 
those issues?

Once this is done, I can run 2 buildbot slaves for AIX 6.1 and AIX 5.3 
with build plans for gcc and xlc.

I can't guarantee that those bots will run forever, and I may have to 
ask to schedule them only at night if the activity it generates on the 
server appears to be too high.
But I think it could greatly help to improve the state of Python on AIX 
(which is far from perfect at the moment).


Sébastien Sablé

Le 20/09/2010 21:21, "Martin v. Löwis" a écrit :
>> Also could you provide me the master.cfg file (with obfuscated
>> passwords) that is used by the Python buildbot master or tell me if it
>> is in subversion somewhere?
> Attached!
> Regards,
> Martin

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