[Python-Dev] Buildbot for AIX

Sridhar Ratnakumar sridharr at activestate.com
Fri Oct 15 18:50:04 CEST 2010

On 2010-09-20, at 7:41 AM, Sébastien Sablé wrote:

> Le 17/09/2010 15:05, Antoine Pitrou a écrit :
>> Following on Martin's comments, you might also want to share things
>> with the ActiveState guys who, AFAIK, maintain an AIX version of Python
>> (but you have been the most active AIX user on the bug tracker lately;
>> perhaps they are keeping their patches to themselves).
> I tried to find some source package or subversion repository on their web site, but they only distribute binary versions.
> Also it is only the "Business Edition" that supports AIX and it is clearly sold with a proprietary license.
> So I doubt they would share their patches related to AIX, but I can always ask.

Hi Sébastien,

We definitely like to share our core Python patches for AIX 5.1/5.2 and other platforms. We have, in the past, submitted a few of them already in the Python bug tracker.  As not all of them have been submitted (for lack of time), I uploaded them all here for your access,

Please do send us any patches you may have for building Python 3 on AIX.


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