[Python-Dev] Support for async read/write

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Tue Oct 19 23:56:27 CEST 2010

Hello Jesus,

> Current Python lacks support for "aio_*" syscalls to do async IO. I
> think this could be a nice addition for python 3.3.
> If you agree, I will create an issue in the tracker. If you think the
> idea is of no value, please say so for me to move on. Maybe an 3th party
> module, but I think this functionality sould be available in core python.

Well, if you think this is interesting, it would be nice if you could
do a bit more research instead of just filing issues for us to solve.
After all, you probably already have an idea about why this is useful,
how to interface it into the stdlib, etc. Just saying "we should expose
these functions" doesn't bring a lot of added value IMO (there are many
system functions which could be exposed and currently aren't).

Also, the canonical way to do file I/O in Python 3 is the `io` lib,
therefore it would be a bit of a shame to have separate, non-integrated
`aio_*` functions.

Also, since the `io` lib is already supposed to support non-blocking
IO, perhaps it would be valuable to stress this support and propose any
interesting patches for fixing and/or improving it.



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