[Python-Dev] Issue 10194 - Adding a gc.remap() function

Peter Ingebretson pingebre at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 27 00:18:27 CEST 2010

--- On Tue, 10/26/10, Neil Schemenauer <nas at arctrix.com> wrote:
> > I am happy to write up a PEP for this feature. 
> > I'll start that process now, though if anyone 
> > feels that this idea has no chance of 
> > acceptance please let me know.
> I think a feature that allows modules to be more
> reliability reloaded could be accepted.  Martin's 
> suggestion sounds like it could be useful.  I would 
> recommend trying to limit the scope of the  feature 
> and clearly define what it intends to achieve (e.g.
> use cases).

> The idea of replacing references does not seem to 
> have much hope, IMHO.

I agree that the important feature is module reloading, 
whether it is implemented via remapping references 
or by replacing the state of existing objects is an 
implementation detail.  I will try to keep the scope 
of the PEP focused, and if necessary I will split it 
up into two.



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