[Python-Dev] Buffer protocol for io.BytesIO?

Hrvoje Niksic hrvoje.niksic at avl.com
Fri Sep 3 09:51:11 CEST 2010

On 09/02/2010 10:35 PM, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
>  Then it came to me then perhaps it would be too automatic. So I'm
> currently floating between:
> - add implicit buffer protocol support to BytesIO objects
> - add explicit buffer protocol support through the call of a
>    getbuffer() method, which would return a small intermediate object
>    supporting the buffer protocol on behalf of the original BytesIO
>    object
> What do you think would be better?

getbuffer() sounds better.  Accessing buffer contents is a nice feature, 
but one shouldn't be able to do it by accident.

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