[Python-Dev] new LRU cache API in Py3.2

Raymond Hettinger raymond.hettinger at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 23:07:34 CEST 2010

On Sep 4, 2010, at 11:20 AM, Antoine Pitrou wrote:

> Well, perhaps lru_cache() would have deserved a review before
> committing?

Not everything needs to be designed by committee.
This API is based on one that was published as a recipe
several years ago and has been used in a number of
companies.  Its design reflects feedback from a variety
of advanced python users (the keyword argument support
from Miki Tebeka, the concurrency support from Jim Baker, 
the clearing option and introspectability from Nick Coghlan, etc).
Aside from the compact API, the actual implementation
is so dirt simple that it will be trivial for folks to roll their
own variants if they have more exotic needs.  After I'm 
done with other work for the alpha, I'll take a further 
look at the suggestions here.


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