[Python-Dev] 3.x as the official release

Jesse Noller jnoller at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 18:35:14 CEST 2010

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 12:22 PM, Brett Cannon <brett at python.org> wrote:
>> The one area I have concerns about is the state of WSGI and other
>> web-oriented modules. These issues have been brought up by Armin and
>> others, but given a lack of a clear path forward (bugs, peps, etc), I
>> don't think it's fair to use it as a measurement of overall quality.
> The whole WSGI situation is not going to get cleared up (from my
> understanding) until someone flat-out declares a winner in the whole
> str/bytes argument that keeps coming up. I think it might be time to
> have a PEP or two on this and use our new PEP dictator procedure to
> settle this so it stops dragging on (unless it has been miraculously
> settled and I am just unaware of it).

Yup, and I spoke with some people with horses in that race at
Djangocon. The important thing is that the PEP(s) and suggestion come
from the people with the most experience in that domain. That's why I
said we (in the "committer" sense) need a clear path of things we need
to change or fix - without it we're just stabbing in the dark.


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