[Python-Dev] 3.x as the official release

Éric Araujo merwok at netwok.org
Thu Sep 16 22:18:30 CEST 2010

Le 15/09/2010 21:45, Tarek Ziadé a écrit :
> Could we remove in any case the wsgiref.egg-info file ? Since we've
> been working on a new format for that (PEP 376), that should be
> starting to get used in the coming years, it'll be a bit of a
> non-sense to have that metadata file in the sdtlib shipped with 3,2

On a related subject: Would it make sense not to run install_egg_info
from install anymore?  We probably can’t remove the command because of
backward compat, but we could stop running it (thus creating egg-info
files) by default.


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