[Python-Dev] Some news from my sandbox project

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at haypocalc.com
Sun Sep 19 12:19:44 CEST 2010

Le dimanche 19 septembre 2010 01:05:45, Greg Ewing a écrit :
> I don't follow. Trusted functions such as proxy() shouldn't
> be sharing a __builtins__ dict with sandboxed code.
> (...)
> So give each program its own copy of __builtins__.

By "program" you mean a "process"? proxy() and untrusted functions are 
executed in the same process and the same interpreter. Untrusted code calls 
(indrectly) proxy(): should I create a new copy of __builtins__ for each 
frame? I don't know how to do that in Python (without modify the Python 
interpreter) and I suppose that it will make Python slower. The frame 
mechanism is already slow (create a new frame to call a Python function is 
much slower than calling a function in C).

pysandbox creates a new separated namespace for untrusted functions, but 
__builtins__ "namespace" (dict) is shared between Python and pysandbox 

Victor Stinner

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