[Python-Dev] Python 2.7 Won't Build

Tom Browder tom.browder at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 16:31:45 CEST 2010

Continuing on with investigating Python 2.7 build problems, one
problem I just discovered is a different installation on one 64-bit
system (Debian Lenny) versus another (Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS).

I used gcc-4.5.1 on both systems, with no *PY* environment variables set.

On Debian I got two directories:


and only the first had the "config" subdirectory.

On Ubuntu I got only


I see that the configure file has some architecture choices
(--with-universal-archs=ARCH) but no explanation about the

Can anyone explain the two different "default" installations I got?

It seems to me I should force the Ubuntu-style installation by  the
"--with-universal-archs=64-bit" configure option, and I will try that
on Debian while I await expert help.



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