[Python-Dev] Goodbye

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Thu Sep 23 01:18:35 CEST 2010

On 9/22/2010 6:47 AM, Antoine Pitrou wrote:

> There was a whole python-dev thread some time (weeks? months?) ago where
> several of us already tried to suggest more fruitful ways of
> contributing, suggestions which weren't received very welcomingly AFAIR.

There were two types of criticisms and suggestions, somewhat 
contradictory. The first type was something like 'Your tracker work is 
fine, but your pydev post berating others for not doing the same thing 
as you is not. Relax, do what you think is worthwhile, and let others 
decide what they will do." When I reiterated that in private email, he 
agreed with me and as far as I know he changed his behavior.

The second type, which apparently included your response, began "Your 
tracker work is not all good. Change what your are doing ...". If the 
continuing disagreement and upset with his tracker (versus posting) 
behavior, to the point of possibly canceling admin privileges, had been 
brought up for instance on the committers list, I would have suggested 
to him that the low-hanging fruit had been picked (or discarded) and 
that a more careful approach was needed for the future. Would that have 
had any effect? I do not know.

 > Now I understand that opinions over this may vary and involve multiple
> factors, but I would suggest that at least a bit of mentoring is needed
> if we want to give privileges early on.
> (and the amount of mentoring needed can vary wildly from one person to
> another)

Mentoring would be easier if there were clearer and more complete 
written guidelines. I was under the impression that this was being 
worked on. It would also be easier if it were clearer who is/are the 
deputed tracker authority/ies. Not everyone has the same idea about how 
to handle the various fields and processes. Who decides in cases of 

Terry Jan Reedy

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