[Python-Dev] Goodbye

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Thu Sep 23 10:46:24 CEST 2010

Am 23.09.2010 09:18, schrieb "Martin v. Löwis":
>>> deputed tracker authority/ies. Not everyone has the same idea about how 
>>> to handle the various fields and processes. Who decides in cases of 
>>> disagreement?
>> We discussed this a while back and I don't think we really have a tracker
>> BD.  Brett and Martin come closest, but mostly we just sort of evolve
>> a rough consensus.  I think once Brett reduces that operating consensus
>> to a written document things will be clearer.
> I personally think that the tracker fields and how they should be set is
> of minor importance. If there is a bug in Python, the most useful
> contribution is to submit a fix (or provide a rationale why this is not
> a bug). Asking every now and then "is this still an issue", or setting
> the version number, doesn't really advance the issue.

It does however attract attention from developers who either weren't around
when the original issue was submitted, or didn't feel competent enough to
fix it then.

It is also helpful to try reproducing the bug with a current version, in
case the issue has been fixed already -- whether because of a duplicate
bug report or by "chance".


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