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skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sun Sep 26 00:13:30 CEST 2010

    >> As we're now seeing, people don't feel that it's acceptable to
    >> publish the subscribers list,

    Michael> To be fair, quite a few people said they thought it was fine /
    Michael> a good thing.  A couple (maybe 3?) said that as the list was
    Michael> originally advertised with the member list hidden it would be
    Michael> unfair to change.  So based on responses, more people think it
    Michael> *is* acceptable.

I've not yet responded to this aspect of the thread.  I see no reason not to
make the membership list visible to the list members themselves.  Beyond
that, I don't think it serves any benefit, and of course, runs the risk of
exposing email addresses to spam harvesters.  OTOH, those of us who are
visible enough on the web that we get to the point of helping maintain a
very public website have probably already exposed our email addresses dozens
or hundreds of times (or more) to spammers.  Googling for "skip at pobox.com"
(the quotes are required to constrain the search properly) yields about
22,000 hits.  "guido at python.org" yields about 38,000 hits.  Paul's and
Michael's addresses returned multiple thousands of hits.  And so on.

As I recall, one reason for the formation of pydotorg-www was to create a
more visible list than pydotorg so the maintenance of the website didn't
appear so cabalistic to the interested observer.  Still, I see that most/all
lists hosted on mail.python.org seem to restrict the list membership to the
list admins, so leaving the status quo probably won't hurt anything.


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