[Python-Dev] hg conversion: tags

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Sep 27 17:28:51 CEST 2010

On Sep 27, 2010, at 04:52 PM, Georg Brandl wrote:

>I'd remove as many tags as makes sense, only keeping the release tags.
>Most others were made to quickly go back to a version before some
>change happened; however nobody would want to go back there anymore
>now. Just like my *-before-rstdocs tags, which I guess nobody ever
>As for how to call the releases, while I'd prefer a bit less cryptic
>names, keeping the rXYZ convention is fine with me.

We're still going to keep the Subversion repository in read-only even after
the conversion.  Will the mapping between svn and hg revision numbers be
preserved somehow?

If so, then I say in hg, nuke the tags we don't care about and sanitize the
release tags to something that obvious and can't collide (e.g. r311 is 3.1.1
or 3.11? - yes despite Guido's Rule of Version Numbering).  I'd personally be
fine using the hexversion or even "3.1.1" as the tag name.

Since we're going to live with the converted repository until the Next Big
Thing In Version Control <wink>, let's take the opportunity now to clean
things up and make them nice.

I do think we should keep a mapping from new to old though.  If that's not
possible within the hg repository, can we at least generate a text file or
some such and commit that?


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