[Python-Dev] Pronouncement needed in issue9675

David Malcolm dmalcolm at redhat.com
Tue Sep 28 17:18:24 CEST 2010

On Tue, 2010-09-28 at 04:44 +0200, Jesus Cea wrote:
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> http://bugs.python.org/issue9675
> Long history sort: Python 2.7 backported Capsule support and
> (incorrectly, in my opinion) marked CObject as deprecated.
> All C modules in the stdlib were updated to Capsule (with a CObject
> compatibility layer), except BSDDB, because this change was done late in
> the cycle, the proposed patch was buggy (solvable) and a pronouncement
> was done that CObject was not actually deprecated.
> But in python 2.7 release, CObject is marked as deprecated (arg!), so
> when executing python with -We (mark warnings as errors), bsddb fails.
> Since I think that adopting Capsule in BSDDB for 2.7.1 would break the
> API compatibility (maybe the CObject proxy would solve this), and since
> a previous pronouncement was done abour CObject not-deprecated in 2.7.x,
> I would like comments.
> Long history and links to previous pronouncements in
> http://bugs.python.org/issue9675
> My proposal: CObject should not be marked as deprecated in 2.7.1.

This breaks quite a few third-party modules, some with segfaults; we (as
in Fedora) ran into this building with 2.7 as the
standard /usr/bin/python for Fedora 14.

We fixed some of them, but are advising people not to turn on warnings
as errors in our release notes [1]

See this tracker bug for a survey of the gory details:

The list includes SWIG, numpy, and the GTK stack.

I'd be more than happy to patch Fedora's python builds to remove the
deprecation warning, but I don't want to stray too far from python.org's
"official" behavior here.

So, I'm +1 on removing this deprecation warning in 2.7, FWIW (though I'm
not a committer yet)

Hope this is helpful

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