[Python-Dev] Atlassian and bitbucket merge

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at ochtman.nl
Wed Sep 29 09:03:29 CEST 2010

On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 03:13, Steve Holden <steve at holdenweb.com> wrote:
> I see that Atlassian have just taken over BitBucket, the Mercurial
> hosting company. IIRC Atlassian offered to host our issue tracking on
> JIRA, but in the end we decided to eat our own dog food and went with
> roundup.
> I'm wondering if they'd be similarly interested in supporting our Hg
> server. Or is self-hosting the only acceptable solution? From recent
> mail it looks likes we may be up and running on Hg fairly soon.

Don't know about acceptable, but as far as I know hosting Mercurial
repositories doesn't require as much work as hosting Roundup instances
(which the Mercurial project also has). I wouldn't mind maintaining
hg.python.org, and there are probably other devs that could also
easily get involved.

Anyway, I don't think using Bitbucket buys us much. It could be nice
to keep a mirror there for redundancy and because it might make
contributing slightly easier for non-committers, but it won't allow
doing all kinds of custom hooks the way we could do with hg.p.o,



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