[Python-Dev] Atlassian and bitbucket merge

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at haypocalc.com
Wed Sep 29 11:35:28 CEST 2010

Le mercredi 29 septembre 2010 08:58:49, Brett Cannon a écrit :
> The trick would be managing accounts. I would assume either everyone
> would need bitbucket accounts to add as contributors to a repo, or a
> dummy python-dev user account would be created where select core devs
> could add SSH keys to the python-dev user account (although I think
> the latter would destroy the commit history in terms of who made what
> change as I suspect bitbucket does it based on the bitbucket account
> and not one's .hgrc info although I could be wrong).

Can't we rewrite the history when converting from svn to hg to use real names 
instead of logins?

Mercurial 1.6 (and maybe older versions) refuses to commit if the user didn't 
set its name (in ~/.hgrc).

Bitbucket doesn't rewrite commit authors: it keeps original names. So 
developers have to configure correctly their Mercurial, but it allows to keep 
the name of the contributor on a contribution.

Is it possible with Mercurial to add a tag on a commit to specify who commited 
a contribution? Like the Signed-By tag with git on the Linux kernel.

Victor Stinner

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