[Python-Dev] Fixing the XML batteries

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Fri Dec 9 09:59:24 CET 2011

"Martin v. Löwis", 09.12.2011 09:41:
>> a) The stdlib documentation should help users to choose the right tool
>> right from the start. Instead of using the totally misleading wording
>> that it uses now, it should be honest about the performance
>> characteristics of MiniDOM and should actively suggest that those who
>> don't know what to choose (or even *that* they can choose) should not
>> use MiniDOM in the first place.
> I disagree. The right approach is not to document performance problems,
> but to fix them.

Here's the relevant part of my mail that you stripped:

>> It's also badly maintained in the sense that its performance
>> characteristics could likely be improved, but no-one is seriously
>> interested in doing that, because it would not lead to something that
>> actually *is* fast or memory friendly compared to any of the 'real'
>> alternatives that are available right now.

I can't recall anyone working on any substantial improvements during the 
last six years or so, and the reason for that seems obvious to me.

>> b) cElementTree should finally loose it's "special" status as a separate
>> library and disappear as an accelerator module behind ElementTree. This
>> has been suggested a couple of times already, and AFAIR, there was some
>> opposition because 1) ET was maintained outside of the stdlib and 2) the
>> APIs of both were not identical. However, getting ET 1.3 into Py2.7 and
>> 3.2 was a U-turn.
> Unfortunately (?), there is a near-contract-like agreement with Fredrik
> Lundh that any significant changes to ElementTree in the standard
> library have to be agreed by him. So whatever change you plan: make sure
> Fredrik gives his explicit support.

Ok, I'll try to contact him.


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