[Python-Dev] readd u'' literal support in 3.3?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Tue Dec 13 22:37:10 CET 2011

On 12/13/2011 10:54 AM, Vinay Sajip wrote:

> I started writing a tool today, tentatively called '2to23', which aims to do
> this. It's basically 2to3, but with a package of custom fixers in a package
> 'lib2to23.fixers' adapted from the corresponding fixers in lib2to3.

When, some year in the future, people want to drop Python 2 
compatibility from their Python23 code, they will need a 23to3 tool. You 
might keep this in mind when designing and documenting a bridge 
language. For each 2to23 fixer, is there a 23to3 fixer so that 
23to3(2to23(code)) == 2to3(code) or close enough. (23to3 can and should 
assume that its input is the output of 2to23, and only look to convert 
the ultimately temporary scaffolding inserted by 2to23.)

The point about documentation is to list the names that 2to23 introduces 
(with its special meanings) and that 23to3 will remove (assuming the 
special meanings). So these names should neither be in the 2 code before 
running 2to23 nor added to 23 code (with a different meaning) before 
running 23to3.

If 2to23 were paired with a 23to3, so people knew that its output is not 
a deadend cul-de-sac, but a stepping stone to the future, it would be 
even more attractive.

Terry Jan Reedy

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