[Python-Dev] Fixing the XML batteries

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Wed Dec 14 22:47:17 CET 2011

"Martin v. Löwis", 14.12.2011 22:20:
> Am 14.12.2011 20:41, schrieb Stefan Behnel:
>> "Martin v. Löwis", 14.12.2011 19:14:
>>> Am 12.12.2011 10:04, schrieb Stefan Behnel:
>>>> "Martin v. Löwis", 11.12.2011 23:39:
>>>>>> I can't recall anyone working on any substantial improvements
>>>>>> during the
>>>>>> last six years or so, and the reason for that seems obvious to me.
>>>>> What do you think is the reason? It's not at all obvious to me.
>>>> Just to repeat myself for the third time here: lack of interest.
>>> Ah, that's certainly wrong. I am interested in these libraries.
>> I meant: "lack of interest in improving them".
> That's also what I meant. I'm interested in improving them.

Then please do. I posted the numbers, so you know what the baseline is, 
both in terms of speed and memory usage. If you need further benchmarks of 
other areas of the API (e.g. tag search or whatever), just ask.

Note, however, that even an improvement by an order of magnitude wouldn't 
solve the API issue for new users, so I'd still suggest to add an 
appropriate link towards ET to the MiniDOM documentation.


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