[Python-Dev] Compiling the source without stat

Hossein cpmicropro at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 12:59:23 CET 2011

I wanted to say something in the bug page petri showed ( 
http://bugs.python.org/issue12082 ) however I though about first 
discussing it here. If faking a stat struct and a function to fill it 
solves the problem, and checking for existing files and folders is the 
only thing that python needs to be compiled (i'm talking about 2.7) then 
it's possible to fail-check it by just trying to open the file.

If you don't want to change the stat mechanism, you can create a new 
#define which can let user point it to his own faked stat function and 
I'm currently trying to fake stat to see what happens next, but I guess 
I will have more problems with file handling later.

By the way, some people with the same problem there said they "used" 
python by setting the Py_DontWriteBytecodeFlag flag, but here my problem 
is that i can't compile it. Dunno what they really did.

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