[Python-Dev] PEP 3333: wsgi_string() function

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Fri Jan 7 04:31:01 CET 2011

On Jan 6, 2011, at 8:16 PM, Glenn Linderman wrote:

> On 1/6/2011 3:50 PM, And Clover wrote:
>> ISO-8859-1 is the encoding specified by the HTTP RFC
> Please could I have the reference to that specification?  I only recall ASCII and UTF-8 in my readings of various things HTTP and HTML, for headers, and form data.  Naturally data pages can have any encoding they please, as there are headers and <meta> tags to describe their encodings.

Did you try google? http://www.google.com/search?http+rfc


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