[Python-Dev] API refactoring tracker field for Python4

Virgil Dupras hsoft at hardcoded.net
Fri Jan 7 19:37:01 CET 2011

On 2011-01-07, at 7:14 PM, anatoly techtonik wrote:

> Don't you think that if people could review issues and "star" them
> then such minor issues could be scheduled for release not only by
> "severity" status as decided be release manager and several core
> developers, but also by community vote?
> Patch requires time, experience and approved contribution agreement,
> which you've sent using ground mail beforehand. Voting doesn't require
> any of this, but helps core developers see what user community wants.
> With the list of desired features Jesse Noller sponsored sprints will
> have more value for all of us.

Two things. First, technically, the bug tracker already has "stars". It's the nosy list. You can even run a search by nosy count.

Second, I'm not sure starring matters that much. Ultimately, for something to be done, you need a patch. Sure, sometimes, the patch is going to be made by someone who has no interest in it, but I think most of the time the patch is submitted by someone wanting the patch to be applied. I don't think the number of stars affect the likeliness of a patch being created very much.

Maybe you can point to a google code project for which starring is used intensively and to observably good results?

Virgil Dupras

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