[Python-Dev] devguide: Point out that OS X users need to change examples to use python.exe instead of

Ned Deily nad at acm.org
Sat Jan 8 22:13:38 CET 2011

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> >> summary:
> >>   Point out that OS X users need to change examples to use python.exe 
> >> instead
> >>   of python.
> >>  Once Python is done building you will then have a working build of Python
> >>  that can be run in-place; ``./python`` on most machines, ``./python.exe``
> >> -on OS X.
> >> +on OS X (all examples throughout this documentation say ``./python`` but
> >> +implies you choose the proper name based on your OS).
> >
> > That's true on OS X if you are using a case-insensitive file system.
> > But wIth the newer, case-sensitive HFS+, for example, you get ./python.
> Are you thinking of UFS, because I am running HFS+ and I still get
> python.exe since it's case-preserving.

No, not UFS.  Since at least 10.4, OS X has supported the creation of at 
least four variants of HFS+ via Disk Utility.app or disktutil(8).   The 
10.6 version of diskutil added a handy way to list all available file 

$ diskutil listFileSystems
Formattable filesystems
PERSONALITY                     USER VISIBLE NAME                               
HFS+                            Mac OS Extended                                 
Case-sensitive HFS+             Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive)                
(or) hfsx
Case-sensitive Journaled HFS+   Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, 
  (or) jhfsx
Journaled HFS+                  Mac OS Extended (Journaled)                     
(or) jhfs+

These days, one of the latter two is used to format the primary file 
system where OS X resides: I believe journaled is a requirement from at 
least 10.5 on, case-sensitive is optional.  I've been using "jhfsx" for 
my primary development machine since 10.5 was released a few years ago.  
Since it is a file system type,  AFAIK it is necessary to re-initialize 
the partition and reload files on it.

> Regardless, I will add a note about the case-sensitivity.


 Ned Deily,
 nad at acm.org

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