[Python-Dev] RELEASED python-mode.el 5.2.0

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Sun Jan 9 13:57:04 CET 2011

On behalf of the python-mode developers I'm happy to announce the release of
python-mode.el 5.2.0.  A summary of the changes since 5.1.0 is included below.

python-mode.el is a major mode for editing Python code in Emacs and XEmacs.
This version has been supported and developed by core Python developers since
1992, and predates by many years the python.el mode that comes with GNU Emacs.
It provides many useful features, including Ken Manheimer's awesome pdbtrack
for command line debugging.

Many thanks to Andreas Roehler and Georg Brandl for the majority of the work
on this version.

You can download the python-mode.el file or the full tarball from:


Bugs can be filed at:



New in version 5.2.0

- Fixed filling of triple-quoted strings.

- Add new font-lock faces for class names and exception names.

- Do not fill when calling fill-paragraph with point in a region of code.

- Fixed font-locking of exception names in parenthesized lists.

- Fixed font-locking of decorators with arguments.

- Fixed font-locking of triple-quoted strings; single quotes appearing in
  triple-quoted strings no longer upset font-locking.

- Fixed the stack-entry regexp used by pdbtrack so that it now works with
  module-level frames.

- Do not bind C-c C-h; `py-help-at-point' is now on C-c C-e by default.

- hide-show mode is now supported.

- When shifting regions right and left, keep the region active in Emacs.

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