[Python-Dev] Import and unicode: part two

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Wed Jan 19 22:40:24 CET 2011

On 1/19/2011 4:05 PM, Simon Cross wrote:

> I have no problem with non-ASCII module identifiers being valid
> syntax. It's a question of whether attempting to translate a non-ASCII

If the names are the same, ie, produced with the same sequence of 
keystrokes in the save-as box and importing box, then there is no 
translation, at least from the user's view.

> module name into a file name (so the file can be imported) is a good
> idea and whether these sorts of files can be safely transferred among
> diverse filesystems.

I believe we now have the situation that a package that works on *nix 
could fail on Windows, whereas I believe that patch would *improve* 

> For similar reasons we tend to avoid capital letters in module names.

That is a stdlib style guide followed by many, but intentionally not 

Terry Jan Reedy

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