[Python-Dev] [Python-checkins] r88127 - in python/branches/py3k/Misc: README.AIX README.OpenBSD cheatsheet

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Thu Jan 20 22:13:46 CET 2011

On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 13:09, Alexander Belopolsky
<alexander.belopolsky at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 3:37 PM, Brett Cannon <brett at python.org> wrote:
>> On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 12:09, M.-A. Lemburg <mal at egenix.com> wrote:
> ..
>>>>    python/branches/py3k/Misc/cheatsheet
>>> Wouldn't it be better to update this useful file (as part of your
>>> PSF grant) ? Most of it still applies to Py3.
>> That file was not even updated to cover context managers and the
>> 'with' keyword so it's been outdated for years and for at least a
>> couple of releases now. If no one has cared to update it for the last
>> two releases of Python 2.x I don't see a point in my spending time
>> doing an update, especially considering it is a duplicate of official
>> docs which is just asking for maintenance trouble.
> You should probably close issue4819 with "won't fix" in this case.
> <http://bugs.python.org/issue4819>
> I am with MAL on this one, though.  I don't think equivalent
> presentation is duplicated anywhere in the docs.  It would be better
> to have it updated and moved to Doc.

If someone wants to update I'm not objecting, I'm just saying I view
getting the devguide done and moving on to the Python 2 -> 3 porting
guide more important.

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