[Python-Dev] Beta version of the new devguide

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Sun Jan 23 02:08:00 CET 2011


If you are a core developer and have a correction you want to make you
can simply check out the devguide yourself (link is in the Resources
section of the devguide) and make the corrections yourself. Otherwise
reply here (you can email me directly but I already have instances of
multiple people telling me about the same spelling mistake so it's
nice to have it public so people know when I have been informed).

As for what is left to do, there are a a few things. One is fixing
some issues to allow test coverage to be run for the entire test suite
(see the coverage docs to know what issues are tracking the problems).
I will work on this next if no one beats me to it as both issues
should be relatively simple to do.

Two, what should the final URL be? Georg picked the current one and I
am happy with it.

Three, where should it be linked from? docs.python.org homepage?

Four, what to do with www.python.org/dev/? Redirect for all the pages?

Otherwise I consider the devguide ready to go. My next thing will be
an "official" HOWTO on dealing with Python 2/3 porting/maintenance.

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