[Python-Dev] Location of tests for packages

Raymond Hettinger raymond.hettinger at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 20:46:45 CET 2011

Right now, the tests for the unittest package are under the package directory instead of Lib/test where we have most of the other tests.

There are some other packages that do the same thing, each for their own reason.

I think we should develop a strong preference for tests going under Lib/test unless there is a very compelling reason.  We already have a similar preference for all Docs going under Doc/ and that has not proved to be an issue with any package maintainer.

* The Windows distro has an install option to exclude Lib/test.  The currrent situation with unittest works against it.
* The commingling of tests with the regular code is making it more difficult to grep code while excluding tests.
* Having packages create their little worlds within world is making it more difficult to find things. 
* For regrtest to work, there still needs to be some file in Lib/test that dispatches to the alternate test directory.

This isn't a critical issue (nothing is broken) but we're a week from another release candidate, so the new Py3.2 package organization (unittest was flat in Py3.1 and its test were under Lib/test) is about to become a de-facto decision that will be hard to undo.

I recommend moving it under Lib/test before everything is set in stone.


P.S.  I've discussed this with Michael and his preference is against going back to the Py3.1 style where the tests were under Lib/test.  He thinks the current tree makes it easier to sync with Py2.7 and the unittest2 third-party module.  Also, he likes grepping the regular source and tests all at once.

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