[Python-Dev] Finally fix installer to add Python to %PATH% on Windows

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Fri Jan 28 17:37:34 CET 2011

On 28/01/2011 16:29, Brian Curtin wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 10:12, anatoly techtonik<techtonik at gmail.com>wrote:
>> I've seen about 7 requests to add Python into %PATH% in installer. All
>> closed with no result, but with some fear and uncertainty. Martin
>> feared that MSI installers are not able to remove entry from PATH and
>> even if they can, they may kill the whole PATH instead of removing
>> just one entry.
>> To prove or dispel these fears, I've just installed/uninstalled
>> Mercurial from mercurial-1.7.3-1-x86.msi and App Engine from
>> GoogleAppEngine-1.4.1.msi several times. Both add entries to PATH and
>> both remove them without any further problems. Should we finally add
>> this to 3.2 installer for Python?
>> --
>> anatoly t.
> Definitely not for 3.2, but this is something I'd like to look into for 3.3.
> Recently I've talked to two Python trainers/educators and the major gripe
> their attendees see is that you can't just sit down and type "python" and
> have something work. For multi-Python installs, we'll have to define what
> that "something" is, but I think it should be possible for the installer to
> optionally put Python into the path, and to also remove itself on uninstall.

I don't think, ultimately, that there is any insurmountable technical
objection. There are misgivings but they could undoubtedly be overcome
or overridden. But it would require someone to patch the MSI builder
so it added the functionality and -- I think -- offered it as an option
which could be enabled or disabled.


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