[Python-Dev] Convention on functions that shadow existing stdlib functions

Eli Bendersky eliben at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 19:57:48 CEST 2011

> I like this solution since this issue of documenting test.support keeps
>> coming up. Otherwise we can not document test.support,
> We already do.
> 25.6. test.support — Utility functions for tests
> is about half of the page that also contains
> 25.5. test — Regression tests package for Python
> The latter contains
> 25.5.1. Writing Unit Tests for the test package
> which should also be moved to the dev guide if 25.6 is.

> That would leave 25.5 as a short page explaining what lib/test is and how
> to run the tests, which is something user sometimes need to do.
Out of curiosity, why would a user need to run Python's tests?

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