[Python-Dev] Some additions to .hgignore

Sandro Tosi sandro.tosi at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 00:59:08 CEST 2011

Hi all,
following http://docs.python.org/devguide/coverage.html doc you'll end
up with several "new" files/dirs in your checkout:

- .coverage, used by coveragepy to save its info
- coverage/ , the symlink to coveragepy/coverage
- htmlcov/ , the dir where the coverage HTML pages are written

I think they should be added to .hgignore so that hg st won't show them.

I'm writing here since I don't think an issue is needed for such
matter, if that's not the case, I apologize.

Sandro Tosi (aka morph, morpheus, matrixhasu)
My website: http://matrixhasu.altervista.org/
Me at Debian: http://wiki.debian.org/SandroTosi

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