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> I know that is your opinion, because I've read your posts.  I
> disagree.  The document is imperfect, but for me it served a certain
> purpose.  Therefore I stand with the camp that says improving the
> document is the way to go.

+1. I've been reading the postings on this discussion intently, as I have had experience with the socket HOWTO when I was first learning about sockets. I agree with the view that Martin v. Löwis expressed, that as a beginner I didn't read too much into the text at first because I was more concerned with trying out the examples and getting used to writing the code and such. I would also say that, I wasn't too bothered if the guide never went into too much detail about all the terms it was mentioning, it isn't after all a definitive guide on sockets, but the terms can always be googled later if one so wished.

I wholeheartedly disagree with removing it, that would be a real shame and I dislike the idea of moving it to the wiki (I cannot even remember ever visiting the wiki). I may not be a Python Guru but I think my "n00bishness" helps in this particular discussion and I would say I would have to agree to an improvement over the suggested alternatives.


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